Bridgesartgallery is a gallery that represents Nigerian contemporary and modern art and artist. Its a unique and interactive gallery that enables viewers to learn more about Nigerian Culture, Art and as well about Nigerian Artists.

Nok, Akwanshi, Igboukwu and Dufuna Canoe were some of the earliest forms of Nigerian visual art.But over the years, Art in Nigeria took a turn from traditionalistic expression to modernism.   The contemporary Nigeria  art started with Aina Onabolu 1881-1963 as a leading figure. But with the help of some European art teachers such as Kenneth Murray, H.E Duckwork and Dennis Duerden, they discovered other talented indigenous artists will include Akinola Lasekan 1921-1972, Justus Akeredolu1915-, Ben Enwonwu 1921 – 1994, Etsu Ngbodaga and others.

Late 1950s and early 1960s witnessed in Nigeria art history the beginning of radical revolution in visual art. The periods consciously witnessed the change of art style from ancient traditions most especially through schools.

Most contemporary Nigerian artists are classified along the school in which they graduated from. There are also cases of few artists having other distinct styles or deviating from the usual school styles. Of large number of contemporary artists in the practice today are the 1980s graduates of various formal art schools in Nigeria. The term “school” is also used to describe the philosophy, styles, themes and forms that are peculiarly distinguishing of these schools. The schools that have distinguished themselves with some unique characteristics include Zaria School, Yaba School, Nsukka School, Ife School and Auchi School.

Bridges art Gallery

In pursuit for some valid historical perspective:s  movements, techniques and ideologies that are invoked in different periods of time, Bridges Art Gallery aim to provide an objective platform showing historiography of not only Modern Nigerian art, but also Myths, Cultural and Political developments in the eye of the "Artist" through different epoque in Nigeria.

Considering that Art in all its facets; Cultural, Visual and Customs is the product of an era and environment in which it flourishes on earth: for each Artist there is a moment of Bloom. On each piece of Art there is fulfillment, revolt, questions and maybe souvenirs, which enables the eye of the presenter and spectators see through history.

Some of them are Aina Onabolu, Uche Okeke, Ben Enwonwu,Yusuff Grillo, Bruce Onabrakpeya, Muraina Oyelami, Ndidi Dike, Sam Ovraiti,Olu Ajayi,Joe Amenechi Abraham Uyvobisere,Pita Ohiwere,Wole Lagunju, Abiodun Olakun,Duke Asidere, Lekan Onabanjo and many more.

These Artists serve as ┬źnarratives┬╗ building BRIDGES between Epochs, Tradition and Continuity.

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